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SHINee won mutizen on Inkigayo

August 8, 2010

credit: CrazyCarrot350


Lucifer – SHINee @ Inkigayo 100808

August 8, 2010

credit: CrazyCarrot350

Key’s Cover of Tik Tok

August 8, 2010

audio version

This was during SHINee’s first fan meeting.

Taemin Replaces Minho on Dream Team

August 8, 2010

SHINee’s maknae, Taemin, replaced Minho on Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2, since Minho is still recovering from an injury.

The team headed to Hong Kong for a summer special which aired on the 8th.

In one game, they had to climb a fishnet and Taemin took first place.  Minho is known for being really athletic on the show, so Taemin is quite a good substitute.

Taemin also sent a message to Minho on the show, “Minho hyung, what’s that facial expression you have on when you’re on Dream Team? Stop acting!”

credit: allkpop

Yoogeun Dancing to Lucifer

August 8, 2010

credit: fidottt

Minho’s Brother

August 8, 2010

Guess who’s this?

Its Minho’s brother, Choi Min Seok. They don’t look alike! o.o But he’s still handsome right? 🙂 He kinda look like Hongki/Kangin. 😛

Credit: kpoptease @ tumblr

SHINee – Lucifer @ Music Core 100807

August 8, 2010

credit: GarakHolic2

SHINee – Lucifer @ Music Bank 100806

August 8, 2010

credit: GarakHolic2

SHINee – One Fine Day

August 6, 2010

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

credit: sment

I’m dying because of their hotness.*o*

Lucifer – SHINee @ Inkigayo

August 1, 2010

credit: CrazyCarrot350