UFO China Replies


[Fan]: Hubby (husband), for the new album, should I buy Version A or Version B?!!?
[Key]: Hahaha, honey, buy both.

[Fan]: Onew oppa, I’ve listened to the new album “Lucifer”! It’s really nice! Need to take care of your body and don’t get too tired! SHW loves you guys!!
[Key]: Haha thank you~~

[Fan]: I’m having insomnia!!!!! Feel so bad~~~~~ 5555555555
[Key]: A-YO if you’re tired, listen to strong beats/rhythms~ Dong dong dong

[Fan]: Taemin oppa ^^ To me, you’re my big teddy, giving me strength and courage. That’s why you have to take care of yourself before taking care of me ^^
[Key]: Taemin went to Hong Kong!

source: UFO CHINA
english translations: vivz@soompi


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